Monday, January 23, 2012

finished Rim Defectionist army for gruntz

just finished my first force for gruntz. A Rim Defectionist army weighing in at 500 points.
first pic shows the entire small force.
6 specialist bikers, a small VTOL craft, a medium hover tank, a super large APC and a medium APC.
the super large APC has 4 transport slots and carries a power armor squad and two specialist dreadnought mecha.
The medium APC has two transport slots and carries a veteran gruntz squad with fusion rifles, and a squad attachment with a heavy fusion cannon, and the leader of the force.
Now i cant wait to finish an appropriate opfor.
I believe I will try for a commonwealth Naval force, as in the fluff they would be a likely opponent for the Rim Defectionist pirate/merchant force.
This is a very compact force relying on speed, technology and firepower.....will see how it works out. If interested, the exact composition and points for this force are listed about 2 posts back.
I am also relieved to not have to paint any more orange for a while
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  1. Very nice to see a faction coming together. Thanks for the share.