Saturday, January 7, 2012

What's this all about then?

Hello fellow scifi miniature wargamers. Yet another blog, this one will focus on my attempts to salvage old unwanted Mechwarrior Wizkidz CMG miniatures. About a year ago I picked up a rather large lot from a fellow on TMP, and have been wondering what I would ever do with these.
What I have is an insane amount of infantry, battle armor, vehicles, and a small amount of Mechs and VTOL craft.
My current plan is to create two opposing forces with which to play sci fi games in the all but ignored scale of 12mm. The main reason to jump into this scale is the amazing quantity of cheap stuff available from the abandoned mechwarrior game. My plan is to focus on the infantry and vehicles, rebasing, and repainting. I am also excited by the availability of terrain from Kato model railroad buildings and from dream pod 9. While the main focus of my foray into 12mm gaming is frugality, I may eventually be tempted to buy some infantry from dream pod 9.
I have seen many Mechwarrior mechs used for 15mm and some vehicles used for 6mm gaming, but I really wanted to show that something could be done withe the infantry as well.
The games I plan on building for are Gruntz and Tactical Assault Combat Cards.
For Gruntz, I will use infantry squads of 6 troopers based on a 40 by 40 mm Games Workshop base(leftover from old projects). Other special attachments: squad heavy weapons, bikes, speeders, small mechs , leaders, heavy weapons teams, will be mounted on round 25mm radius bases. Most vehicles and large mechs will be based on leftover mechwarrior oval bases.
Hopefully I can keep my own interest going in this project by blogging and possibly inspire others to try the same.
I already have 4 squads of infantry and 2 small vehicles completed, will post pics when basing is completed.

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