Monday, January 9, 2012

infantry types for Gruntz

Hello, another boring post without pictures...
Since I am planning at least 2 large scifi opfors using old mechwarrior clickie infantry, I thought I would list
the types available in my plastic pile.
Infantry( basic, no power armor, no squad attachments, or specialists...Gruntz)
-standard foot...basic body armor and small arms
-peasant company... unarmored small arms
-free legion... unarmored, small arms
-shock troops.. body armor/possible jump packs, small arms
-elite infantry...
-special forces...body armor? face mask..dual weapons
- ghillie suit... no armor , small arms, ghillie suit
infantry suitable for Squad Attachments, and leaders
- combat technicians
-combat engineers
-mortar squad
-flamer team
-laser team
-srm team
power armor= wow there are countless varieties of battle armor to use as power armored troops
as well as a few that are so large like dreadnoughts in 40 k
**specialist for Gruntz**
most of the battle armor that is based 1 unit per clickie
-salamander BA
-Ravager BA
-Kamizacki BA
-Fenrir BA
-gun nest
-LRM battery
-SRM battery
-towed gauss rifle
-towed field artillery
-towed autocannon
-machine gun nest
-trike squad
-strike sled
-scout ATV
-minigun cycle
-hoverbike squad(looks like a lawnmower)
well thats it for much variety , so  cheap, and thats not even vehicles, mechs, vtols


  1. So when you are re-doing these CT (Clikytech) what is your method with your madness. I am totally intrigued.

  2. all non infantry, i simply pry off base, turn base upside down fill with adhesive tile grout, texture and paint base,when dry glue to base.
    infantry is a little more complex...same for the base(except i use a plastic vial top from medical vials).infantry i gingerly separate from integral base with toenail clippers and then paint separately using a hemostat to hold the mini...when 6 are done i glue them to the pre prepared base