Monday, August 27, 2012

New Bases, New Life

Hello, sorry for no post for a while, been off on other hobby tangents. One of the things that renewed my interest in this project was finally getting some proper bases. I was perusing Proxie models website, when I saw perfect infantry bases for Gruntz in 10 mm scale. 40 mm diameter bases in black plastic with texture also. I bought 40mm diameter for squads of 6 gruntz; 25mm diameter for specialist figures; and 20 mm diameter for commanders.
 Proxie models delivered amazingly good, economical bases in a timely manner.....already thinking of placing another order( cavalry bases for vehicles).
 Next project already underway...EHTC, east hydatum trade company, think dutch east indies company in space...color palette is scarlet/ white/ light grey...very british.
 Currently painting 4 stands of infantry, light armor..1 stand infantry, unarmored...1 stand light power armored infantry, and 1 stand heavy duty powered armor infantry.
 So far undecided on the vehicle options...wheeled, hover, tracked, grav
Just may go with hover/grav so I can use all those lawnmower looking grav bikes