Saturday, March 3, 2012

gruntz game1 beginning turn2

as the board appears beginning of turn 2, the RD pirates have foolishly left the cover of the mining compound to engage the Commonwealth naval force in the scrublands, although they are hugging the cover provided by patches of flora.
The CW naval force is steaming forward ,each APC supported by a light tank, the jump pack toting commander decided to leap onto the cliffs, perhaps looking for some rare alien bird eggs. Only one shot ,so far, a miss by a CW naval specialist laser cannon.
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Thursday, March 1, 2012

deployment first game of gruntz

These are a few shots of the beginning of my first game of Gruntz , a solo,learning curve game, played in installments on the dining room table. The minis are in the scale of 10 mm, old discarded gems from Mechwarrior CMG, the table I would guess is close to 6 by 4 feet.
The play mat is from sabol design studio, the mountains from some forgotten christmas village thing. the alien plants and small mining outpost scratchbuilt hastily a few days ago, just to have some sort of terrain.
What you see above is the opening deployment as the 571st Commonwealth Naval expeditionary force prepares to liberate the small
mining outpost on a backwater planet from the control of the Porticollis guild of the Rim Defectionists.
The porticollis pirate force( in orange ) prepares to defend their claim using a small swift, technologically well equipped strike force against the lumbering might of the Commonwealth Navy( in blue).
We will soon see how the swift heavy laser attack bikes fare against the numerous clunky vehicles the navy dropped onto this rock.
As luck would have it I only managed time to set up the game and do one entire turn of movement. the navy actually fired one longrange shot with a laser cannon field piece, but missed.
I was initially using card activation for this game, but settled on locking in the activation order from the first turn, to be repeated each turn.... still random enough of a feel to support solo play.
will post pics of beginning of 2nd turn in a bit
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