Friday, February 17, 2012

Infantry manufacturors

Hello, just a little post to discuss different infantry manufacturors for  scifi in 10 mm scale.
This covers quite a grey area  from 10-14 mm in height.
1) Mechwarrior clickies; this is my immediate first choice simply because I currently have a vast collection, and fits in nicely with my 2012 theme " I will buy no more forever".
pros--> cheap, abundant, adequately pre painted, lots of variety, especially for power armor, lots of specialist choices
cons--> Pain in the arse to work with, difficult to separate from integral base. if you can stand keeping them on their brown base and not repainting, then this con is meaningless
2) Heavy Gear infantry from Dream Pod 9 , nice ,limited poses
pros-->metal, less fragile, beautiful sculpts,much easier to work with....desert infantry types
cons---> price,price,price...not as much variety as mechwarrior, might be viable for a desert themed army
or for INFINITY in 10 mm
3)WAVE 1/144 support crew. nice plastic multipose gundam crew members and flight support crew
pros--> interesting body armor, multi pose, plastic ,nice for conversions, cheap, available from Hobbylink japan
cons--> no weapons included, would have to cannabalize some guns from MW clicks, lots of cutting and reposing....but would be good for a different higher tech faction ,possibly with Gashopon support
4) New upcoming scifi/near future from Pendraken. should be available soon, looks stunning...wonderful heavy weapons teams.
pro-->beatiful, metal, probably much cheaper than heavy gear
cons--> would have to actually spend money
5) still no actual aliens or monster types foes in 10 mm... although Khurasan is rumored to be developing starship trooper type bugs in 10 mm. other swarm type armies could come from GW tyranid ripper swarms old...and new ... and Pendraken also have some old alien type monsters.
 if anyone reads this or has any other suggestions please let me know\
oops almost forgot, i think there are some 10 mm star wars stuff I noticed on space man spiffs blog, but havent a clue as to how to find them

Thursday, February 2, 2012

commonwealth naval vehicles

hello, these are the finished vehicles for my Commonwealth Naval faction for Gruntz.
each of the first three pictures contains a medium GSV APC with two transport slots, a towed antitank heavy laser specialist, and a light tank whose duty it is to escort the APC. When paying for/creating the towed weapon specialist, I made sure to pay for it to have wheeled mobility, so I would not have to use a transport slot for the APC. So it will travel with the APC and appear to be towed, but primarily for aesthetic purposes.
The fourth pic shows a large command APC with 3 transport slots(may not be legal){and which did not make it into the points cutoff for this army}, a heavy tracked tank, and a medium tracked tank.
As part of the battle plan, there will be three sections each containing a light tank, an APC with 2 squads of marines, and a specialist hvy laser anti tank weapon.
the last two sections of this army will consist of a heavy tank with specialist mecha support, and a medium tank with specialist mecha support.
The final part of the army will be an uber commander tricked out with power fist, power armor, grenade launcher, and jump pack.
I just need to finish the commander, 2 small mecha, and 24 naval marines....and then I can playtest...
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500 point army gruntz: Commonwealth Navy

Hello, the next army for Gruntz that I am working on is a Commonwealth Naval force. It weighs in at 499 points. I will not bore you by listing all the damage and soak etc. It is designed to be a mid tech level groundpounding army, ideally suited to intervening in anti piracy campaigns, and mining outpost defense situations. As such it is fitting that it should first battle the Rim Defectionist, house Portacollis raiding party.
The army is 80% finished at this point, I only need to finish 24 infantry grunts, a commander figure, and 2 specialist mecha figures( fenrir battle armor suits from mechwarrior). Once done I will finish a little alien Flora and have my first battle of Gruntz.
 Details of the Commonwealth Naval  571st expeditionary brigade.
1) commander/56pts/ light power armor,power fist,medium grenade launcher. perkz- higher modz and jump pack
2) 2 specialist mecha each armed with medium mortar/2x15=30pts/
3) 6 identical squads of marines../6x15=90pts/projectile rifles,medium armor,HE and AP grenades,cutlasses
    and geardo perk
4) 3 identical GSV medium APC's, wheeled 2 transport slots. light projectile dam 16/3x28=84pts/
5) 3 identical anti tank specialist heavy laser dam 6 Perk  melt away. /3x11=33pts/
    these models are towed gun carriages to be towed behind each APC. I paid for wheeled mobility  when creating , so as not to use up a transport slot on the APC.
6) 3 wheeled light tanks(total 106 points) all speed 8, dam 18 soak 16, one is armed with 2 light plasma, one is armed with a light missile pod, and the last one is armed with 2 light missile pods
7) a tracked medium tank dam 22 soak17 speed 7 with 2 medium lasers and skill 5/ 43 points/
8) a tracked heavy tank dam26 soak 18 speed 6 with 2 medium plasma and 1 medium missile pod skill5
 primary battle plan is to have 3 APCs advance on objectives each carrying 2 squads of marines and towing an AT heavy laser. Each APC will have a light tank attached as an escort.
the medium tank will work independently(paired up with a specialist mecha fire support)
the heavy tank will work independently(paired up with the other specialist mecha)
 the commander will flit about with his jump pack trying to help without getting KIA
    will post some pics soon, as all the vehicles are done