Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Squad for Gruntz

hello, and so begins my great adventure....This is my first finished squad of infantry for my first army for Gruntz.
The figures are rescued Elite Infantry from the mechwarrior CMG from Wizkidz(and measure in at a whopping 10mm height). I opted to play Gruntz with my infantry squads mounted on squad bases instead of based singly, purely as a personal preference. I am not a big fan of individual casualty removal games and look forward to simply marking 6 boxes off the unit card during play.
My squaddies are mounted on a 30 mm diameter round plastic medical vial top, which has been filled with adhesive tile grout, spray painted and later drybrushed. I plan on using the original long oval mechwarrior bases for vehicles and mechs, and 22 mm diameter round bases for specialist choices, and 15mm round bases for squad attachment choices( both sizes readily available from medical vial plastic tops). This project is all about frugality.
My first force will be using a limited pallette of blue, grey, white, and lavender. I plan on making my forces heavily infantry and vehicles with a smattering of mecha and aircraft. I believe I am done with this squad, but will not entirely rule out the addition of some silflor tufts
in the near future.
I am intending on a universe setting near to far future ,in which all factions have access to all equipment , much like mercenary forces in the battletech universe.
Welcome to my mad project, open to any suggestions, advice, criticism.
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  1. Cool thing is they look like the guys sketches in the background of Gruntz.


  2. Wow, you are so right....never noticed before
    Sons of destiny, may have to use that fluff after all

  3. Great start, I'm thinking of using my 6mm stuff for this sort of game.

  4. How did you pry the figures out of their terrible rubbery base?

  5. for infantry, I use an exacto knife to pry/leverage the brown semi lunar base ,snapping it off the black circular base. then I get to work with a nice pair of grooming toenail clippers, first separating each soldier from his mate, then slowly carefully chipping away all the brown plastic. you will be left with feet with pegs sticking out. for my sake I clip off the pegs, some may wish to use the pegs to help pin the figure to a base later. but i just super glue the soles of their feet to my base.
    if using a plastic base , plastic modelers glue is ideal, but i use zap a gap super clue to affix them to a semi textured base.

  6. i guess more of a chipping away of the base from the figure, rather than a prying of the figure from the base....seems to work fine once you do a few...i never break legs anymore