Friday, February 17, 2012

Infantry manufacturors

Hello, just a little post to discuss different infantry manufacturors for  scifi in 10 mm scale.
This covers quite a grey area  from 10-14 mm in height.
1) Mechwarrior clickies; this is my immediate first choice simply because I currently have a vast collection, and fits in nicely with my 2012 theme " I will buy no more forever".
pros--> cheap, abundant, adequately pre painted, lots of variety, especially for power armor, lots of specialist choices
cons--> Pain in the arse to work with, difficult to separate from integral base. if you can stand keeping them on their brown base and not repainting, then this con is meaningless
2) Heavy Gear infantry from Dream Pod 9 , nice ,limited poses
pros-->metal, less fragile, beautiful sculpts,much easier to work with....desert infantry types
cons---> price,price,price...not as much variety as mechwarrior, might be viable for a desert themed army
or for INFINITY in 10 mm
3)WAVE 1/144 support crew. nice plastic multipose gundam crew members and flight support crew
pros--> interesting body armor, multi pose, plastic ,nice for conversions, cheap, available from Hobbylink japan
cons--> no weapons included, would have to cannabalize some guns from MW clicks, lots of cutting and reposing....but would be good for a different higher tech faction ,possibly with Gashopon support
4) New upcoming scifi/near future from Pendraken. should be available soon, looks stunning...wonderful heavy weapons teams.
pro-->beatiful, metal, probably much cheaper than heavy gear
cons--> would have to actually spend money
5) still no actual aliens or monster types foes in 10 mm... although Khurasan is rumored to be developing starship trooper type bugs in 10 mm. other swarm type armies could come from GW tyranid ripper swarms old...and new ... and Pendraken also have some old alien type monsters.
 if anyone reads this or has any other suggestions please let me know\
oops almost forgot, i think there are some 10 mm star wars stuff I noticed on space man spiffs blog, but havent a clue as to how to find them

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  1. new sci-fi miniatures in 10mm soon on the market:!/hawkwargames

    perfect for Gruntz 10mm !!!