Thursday, February 2, 2012

commonwealth naval vehicles

hello, these are the finished vehicles for my Commonwealth Naval faction for Gruntz.
each of the first three pictures contains a medium GSV APC with two transport slots, a towed antitank heavy laser specialist, and a light tank whose duty it is to escort the APC. When paying for/creating the towed weapon specialist, I made sure to pay for it to have wheeled mobility, so I would not have to use a transport slot for the APC. So it will travel with the APC and appear to be towed, but primarily for aesthetic purposes.
The fourth pic shows a large command APC with 3 transport slots(may not be legal){and which did not make it into the points cutoff for this army}, a heavy tracked tank, and a medium tracked tank.
As part of the battle plan, there will be three sections each containing a light tank, an APC with 2 squads of marines, and a specialist hvy laser anti tank weapon.
the last two sections of this army will consist of a heavy tank with specialist mecha support, and a medium tank with specialist mecha support.
The final part of the army will be an uber commander tricked out with power fist, power armor, grenade launcher, and jump pack.
I just need to finish the commander, 2 small mecha, and 24 naval marines....and then I can playtest...
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