Saturday, September 15, 2012

Viper's Fangs-forces

Hello, just some pics of the painted forces for my game of Gruntz moderated Clantroops scenarios.
The first scenario I plan on playing is called the Viper's Fangs.
In this scenario, an Uller C mech enters the board with 4 elementals riding on its back. The Steel Viper
Clan mech and elementals are the attacker, facing off against an all infantry defending force.
The infantry consists of a platoon of 3 squads.relying on heavy weapons, grappel guns, satchel charges, and 4 artillery barrages at their disposal. The first squad has combat armor, while the other two rely on flak body suits. The Uller is a medium mech. The Clan Elementals are commanders with considerable power armor.The infantry are all statted out singly as specialists with 4 hps each. I plan on playing this out after I make all the cards, and will play it with random card activation.
ok, so all i need to do is make up a bunch of cards


  1. Sounds like a rip-roaring battle is about to erupt! The troops look great! And I am interested in what data your cards contain. Thanks.

  2. Just discovered this blog. Hope it's still alive or can be resuscitated!